NutriMilk Analytics is dedicated to enhancing infant health through innovative technology. We are launching a breakthrough diagnostic device that quantitatively detects concentrations of fat, protein, and carbohydrates in human breast milk. This device, paired with a comprehensive mobile application, enables precise nutritional analysis, providing vital data directly to caregivers and healthcare providers.




Our mission is to empower mothers and healthcare professionals with accurate, actionable data concerning breast milk nutrition, ensuring infants receive optimal nourishment tailored to their specific needs.

Product Overview

-Diagnostic Kit:

Our flagship product includes a user-friendly, non-invasive diagnostic kit equipped with advanced biosensors that analyze breast milk samples. The kit uses colorimetric analysis to provide immediate feedback on the nutritional content.

-Mobile Application:

The accompanying mobile app uses a smartphone camera to read the test strip results, providing a detailed analysis of nutritional content. It features tracking over time, dietary recommendations, data sharing capabilities with healthcare providers, and personalized insights for diet adjustments.