AI and Health

The Institute of Research and Innovation (I.R.I. – has developed a platform that provides specialised information on food supplements and cannabinoids and their therapeutic applications.

The platform presents AI ChatBots, which were trained by a team from I.R.I. Beyond. This team inputs texts (according to the specifications of the AI platform to be comprehensible and useful) and then asks simple questions, either written or verbal, to check the clarity and validity of the answers. In addition, I.R.I Beyond has developed a Virtual Reality (VR) environment ( that can be customized based on the preferences of every company or organization. The ChatBot can also be incorporated as an avatar, if desired, into this environment.



A chatbot is a program that emulates human conversation to resolve customer inquiries. Whenever a customer or lead contacts the company through any channel, the chatbot is available to greet them and address their concerns.








  • Cost-effectiveness: Implementing a chatbot is a one-off expense. Its development and deployment allow for reduction in customer support staff.
  • Save time: Chatbots can efficiently handle tasks much faster than human counterparts.
  • Available 24/7
  • Reduce customer waiting time: Each chatbot has the ability to interact with multiple customers at the same time, which decreases the length of the queue.


Virtual Reality (VR) creates a computer-generated environment featuring realistic scenes and objects that immerse the user in their surroundings. This experience is achieved using a device known as a VR headset or helmet.

Virtual reality enables us to fully immerse ourselves in a character’s perspective, gain expertise in performing heart surgery, or enhance athletic training to optimize performance.