WMCS: Επαναστατική Τεχνολογία για τα Εγκαύματα

Fireworks are used worldwide during national and cultural celebrations, but they often cause moderate to severe injuries. A young male was injured by fireworks during festivities, as a unit hit him at the right arm causing severe and extended (second degree) burn. The patient volunteered for treatment with the Wetling-W200 Wireless Micro Current Stimulation (WMCS) device, an innovative, noninvasive technology to transfer current wirelessly to wound site. After 10 sessions of 60 minutes, with the spraying intensity set at 1.5 microamperes, the patient had completely recovered in just 10 days post initial treatment; pain had been greatly reduced after the first two sessions and continued to decline after every session. The treatment sessions had been unobtrusive and painless and there was no infection or other complication, despite the fact that no painkiller or antibiotic drugs had been administered. WMCS technology seems an effective therapeutic option for firework skin burns.

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